Welcome to Cincinnati's Racquet Stringing Headquarters

You have known us at our Kenwood retail location since 1983. See us at our new location at Camargo Racquet Club starting September 1, 2017. The location has changed but the expert service offered by our USRSA certified stringers will continue.

Expert Stringers

Our stringers have all received Master Racquet Technician Certification from the United States Racquet Stringers Association.  There are only about 400 MRT’s in the US and we take pride in our racquet stringing service.  We can usually have your racquet ready in a couple hours.  We accept stringing from outside Cincinnati and can quickly string & UPS ship your racquet back to you.

Professional Racquet Diagnostics

In addition, we are one of the few stores in the region to have a Babolat Racquet Diagnostic Machine (RDC), as used on the pro tour.  We are happy to test your racquet at no charge on the machine to check your  racquets string tension, weight, balance, stiffness, and swingweight.

Need Help?

Let our certified professionals help you with all of your tennis needs. Stop by with your racquet for a FREE diagnostic check!

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