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Friday, October 9, 2015 

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                                                We Have The Stringers...                                                  





  We take pride and joy in our stringing.   All of our stringers/employees are Master Racquet Technicians’ (MRT) and USRSA certified.  John Samuels is the official tester in the region.  We have people come to us from all over just to get certified and take the   MRT exam.  The comprehensive MRT exam is a written test and a detailed practical test.  Both measure your understanding and skills with respect to all facets of racquet service.  A MRT certification rewards and recognizes racquet sports retailing and service professionals who demonstrate superior technical competence and product knowledge in racquet sports.  There are approximately 400 people with these certifications in the country.



We Have The Expertise...  

       Our expert stringers know that your racquet will only play as well as the string that’s put in the frame and the stringer doing the work.  We can advise you as to how the various strings such as Gut, Polyester, & Hybrids will affect your play.  Our stringers are very careful to make sure the tension you request is what is put in your racquet.  The stringers keep their machines clean, calibrated, and pay attention to details such as tubing or new grommets that might be needed for your frame.  When you come back for a restring, we are consistent, so that 60 lbs. strung in your racquet the last time will fell the same as 60 lbs. this time.  When you bring in multiple racquets we will string them so they play the same.

        We are one of the few stores that can string any racquet; from an old wood tennis racquet to the more complicated E-Force racquetball racquets.  We take pride in doing the best stringing anywhere, and we can do it fast; usually in an hour or two.

We Have The Equipment...

       We are one of the few stores in the region to feature a Babolat Racquet Diagnostic Center Machine (RDC) as used on the pro tour.  Among the many features of this machine is that it can give you a numerical readout of your racquets string bed and eliminate the guesswork on whether it is time to restring.  Another feature of the RDC is that it can give you a readout of your racquets' swingweight or inertia.  This readout is represented by one number that factors in both weight and balance and tells you how easy or difficult it is to swing a particular racquet.  This can be invaluable in matching 2 or more of your own racquets or finding desired characteristics in purchasing a new racquet.  Another feature of the RDC is its ability to test a racquets stiffness.  This can assist a player in choosing the best racquet for his or her needs.  For example, a player looking for power might want a racquet with a higher stiffness reading, or a player with an arm or shoulder problem a lower reading.

     Come in and let August, Jin, Adam, or John use these resources to help you find the right racquet for you!




Auguste Lacey                                               Jin Kim

RACQUET: Dunlop Bio. 300                              RACQUET: Dunlop Bio. 300

STRING: Luxilon ACE                                      STRING: Prince Beast

TENSION: 68 lbs.                                           TENSION: 65 lbs.

SHOES: Nike Breathe 2K10                              SHOES: Prince T22



Adam Samuels                                              John Samuels

RACQUET: EXO Blue                                       RACQUET: EXO Red

STRING: Babolat RPM Blast / VS Gut                 STRING: Gamma Asterisk

TENSION: 62 lbs.                                           TENSION: 70 lbs.

SHOES: Nike Courtballistic                              SHOES: Prince T22



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