Looking for a new racquet, replacing an old one, or even getting your first racquet?  Our demo program will help you make a confident decision on what racquet best fits your style of play.  There are over 300 racquets on the market today and THEY ALL PLAY/FEEL DIFFERENT!  Our low-pressure sales approach allows you to take your time and choose the correct racquet that suits your game.  There is no obligation to buy, but if you find a racquet that improves your game, we can usually have you ready the same day.  Our staff will make sure you get the correct grip size, string, and tension so you can play your best tennis.


We have over 100 Tennis, Racquetball, & Squash racquets for demo.  Our demo policy is 2 racquets at a time for 3 days.  We required a $20 deposit, but will reimburse 100% of your deposit when you purchase a new racquet.