Cutting Sugar from Your Diet

Though there is nothing wrong with drinking a margarita or eating a scoop of ice cream, too much sugar can be detrimental to weight loss and has negative effects on your health. According to the FDA, a person shouldn’t get more than 10% of his/her day-to-day calories from added sugars. Added sugars are the ones added during packaging or processing. This includes concentrated vegetable sugar, concentrated fruit sugar, honey, and syrups.  

Sugars that naturally occur in things such as dairy, vegetables, and fruits are much more nutritious compared to added sugars since they come with vital nutrients and vitamins. They also have protein and fiber that slow their digestion and make them a more reliable energy source.  

If you are enrolled in a weight loss program Fort Wayne and want to see results, you’ve got to find ways to swap added sugar for natural ones. Here are some tips: 

Lower Sugar When Baking 

A bit of added sugar in pies is useful for bringing out the fruit filling’s sweetness and producing the best texture. But, on almost all occasions, you can lower the amount of sugar by 1/3 when baking. You can even cut it down by ½. You can still have a sweet dessert even if you use smaller amounts of added sugar.  

Create Your Own Cocktails 

Pre-mixed drinks such as fruity sangrias, daiquiris, and margaritas are filled with added sugar because bartenders sometimes depend on flavored syrups or pre-made sour mixes. You can try making your own cocktails at home with a lower amount of sugar if you really want to indulge in an alcoholic drink.  

Choose Nitro or Cold Brews 

You can sabotage easily your weight loss goals if you drink coffee every day with a spoonful of sugar. That is not a good habit. You should instead try nitro brews or a cold brew. These drinks have a less-biting but deeper flavor compared to old-school steeped or drip coffees. This makes it easier to drink with a splash of milk or just plain.  

Go Savory for Breakfast 

Opting for savory foods rather than sweet ones is one way to lower your sugar intake at breakfast. You can try swapping pancakes or waffles for sweet potato hash or veggie omelets a couple of times every week. This is particularly true if you’re used to sitting down and eating sweets for breakfast. You can also try making baked egg cups at the start of the week if you love the convenience of grab-and-go or cereal breakfast bars. You can always reheat some of them for breakfast every day.  

Sweeten Breakfast Using Cinnamon and Fruit 

Yogurt, granola, and cereal sometimes contain sneaky amounts of added sugar. If you aren’t careful, adding maple syrup, honey, or other sweeteners yourself adds up. That is why you should try topping a plain yogurt with some nuts and fresh fruits. Also, you can create an overnight oat with a lot of cinnamon and top it with nut butter and chopped fruits. This is a healthy way of sweetening your breakfast.